Great apps for digital nomads

Last year I met deadlines in Phnom Penh,  Byron Bay, Melbourne, Ubud, Singapore, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo, London, and Chiang Mai. That’s the digital nomad life – working from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

But it’s not all excitement and jetsetting – it has its down-side too. Sometimes it’s an utter relief simply not to have to re-pack your bag for three whole weeks!  And I had to repeatedly explain to friends and family that yes, I AM actually working. But providing evidence sometimes wasn’t so easy, as a few publications took their time to publish my work – for various reasons that technology likes to baffle us with.
So here’s an article I submitted for publication last July, which has finally just gone live (sometimes the writer’s journey can be a slow one, in several ways). It features an insight to the apps I found most useful while working on the road.
Given the speed of tech developments, particularly with apps, a few of the finer details may have changed but it’s still relevant and informative for those who travel often or even those who just like useful apps.
We’d love to hear what apps you can’t live without when you’re travelling – let us know in the comments. 
Kaye BlumGreat apps for digital nomads